I am really excited to contribute to the blog and share some of my thoughts with you all.

Right now my biggest obstacle is balancing my vegan diet, my spiritual practice, and my fit lifestyle.
Before becoming vegan, I would lift heavy without feeling like my body was shutting down. I could lift for 1-2 hours about 5 days a week. Now I can barely lift.

Not being able to workout as hard or as often really took a toll on my self esteem. I had placed so much value on my physical appearance that I neglected myself spiritually and emotionally.

After meditating and praying, I had come to a realization that beauty is so much more than that. I have brought myself back to the basics which is loving myself and treating my body and mind like a temple. When I respect myself and recognize my beauty internally, I am allowing myself to grow into a stronger woman than before.

This strength that radiates internally is allowing me to continue my fitness path with a whole new perspective. While this path is all still new to me, I am working through the obstacles by coming up with new and improved workouts to match my vegan life style. I can still remain toned and feel good about myself knowing that I am truly taking care of myself the right way with the right intention.

There is so much more I would love to say about intention. I will leave that for another time.
I really hope this post can inspire and shed some light for other women struggling with self-esteem and body image issues.