cosmic_love_by_t1na-d847aup.jpgThe other night I watched the move The Legend of Tarzan with my family. I became really inspired by the history, passion, and love between Tarzan and Jane. There love is rare, and when everyone is around them they can see the stars in their eyes, completely love struck. I thought about the love in reality. I thought about many people I have met throughout the years that have had beautiful relationships. They walk into the room, and everyone can see how much they love each other. The couple has been together years, and their passion clearly never dies. It appears to be more intense as they grow older. As I watched this movie, Tarzan and Jane reminded me of that love.The cosmic connection that can’t be described through words, but this same connection can only be felt.

After the movie was over, my brain started thinking about that type of love. Where does it come from?> Is it real? Can anyone have that? Can people create that within their relationship? Is this luck to meet that exact person that you can have that deep connection  with?  I turned over to my boyfriend without really thinking about my next move and said jokingly,” Why don’t you love me like Tarzan loves Jane?” He said,  ” Really babe? You do realize that this is a move and not reality.” I just shook my head and kept the last remaining thoughts to myself.

I remembered one of my older cousins who I once looked up to used to discourage me from wanting the cosmic love. She used to say that I lived in  fairy-tale mind set. She used to say that a man isn’t going to ride up on a horse  like a knight in shining armor to sweep me off my feet. In a logical sense, she was correct that a man wasn’t going to sweep me off my feet and everything wasn’t going to be perfect. I didn’t want or need a man to sweep me off my feet, and I certainly didn’t want perfection. I just wanted someone who I could trust, be best friends with, and have the deepest spiritual connection.

Through out the years, I have searched through many different relationships,but I always found myself disappointed with my outcomes. I also used my experiences as leverage and clarity to determine what worked for me and what didn’t. Now that I have met a man of great value and we experience a spiritual connection, we have had quite a few hurdles to jump through which has had me in tears reexamining my expectations . Which brought me back to question, is cosmic love real or some expectation we developed ? Are the people in these intense relationships just simply grateful and happy with their other half? Is the real search for cosmic love with ourselves? Is cosmic love a love of self?